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"Pretty good; there's stuff there even I didn't know!" — Don Woods

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"Playing adventure games without tackling this one is like being an English major who's never glanced at Shakespeare." — Steven Levy.

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"Oh! It's very tight. But we have cave!" — Pat Crowther, July 1972

"Adventure" trivia

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A cheering band of friendly elves welcome you to...
Colossal Cave Adventure

The Colossal Cave Adventure game, produced in the '70s, was the historic first "interactive fiction" game, in which the computer would simulate and describe a situation and the user would type in what to do next, in simple English.

The user would thus be a part of an ongoing story in a fantasy setting — in this case, an exploration of Colossal Cave in Kentucky. But this Colossal Cave, though remarkably similar to its real-life counterpart, was also very different:

Magic was afoot in the cave...

You are in a twisty maze of passageways, all alike...

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