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Zipped SD card images for the RPi3/(B+) and/or RPi4/400.  Minimum 32GB or higher SD card is required for either platform.

NOTE: Unzip and write the image (*.img) to the SD card, NOT the actual *.zip file.  Please verify the *.img file is correct using the included MD5 checksum file.

Multi-platform SD imaging software (Windows, Linux, Mac):

Windows only can use Win32DiskImager to write image to SD card:

Linux console users can use the 'dd' command from a console:

sudo dd if=CoCoPi-16GB-RPi4-CommunityEdition-20210415.img of=/dev/sdd bs=1M

Please specify complete path to .img file (if itís not in the same directory you are running the command from).  Replace /dev/sdd with the correct SD card device for your system.

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